This page is for those who have adopted one of my rabbits as their own, to share how that rabbit is doing.

I would REALLY appreciate any feedback to how the rabbits are doing as I really care about what happens to my rabbits after they have left my rabbitry.

If you would like your conversation to be private.

Please e-mail me at:


I really do care about my rabbits, and would absolutely LOVE to hear how they are doing!

Please don't hesitate to contact me!!!

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    Kristen (Sunday, 09 April 2017 00:58)

    Our family of 6 adopted a 8 week old Holland lop bunny that we named Jasper. He has the absolute best temperament for a rabbit! He spends most of his time being held and played with by our 4 children. He's either hopping around the house with them on the floor or they are cuddling with him while they watch a movie. If he's not with the kiddos, then IVE GOT HIM :-) He's such a sweetheart and he loves in put his little nose in my neck and sleep. When he's not with us, he's playing in his bunny hutch with our other bunny Eevee. He's very sweet and will even lay next to our dogs on the floor. He's well on his way to be litter box trained which makes him free roaming inside a lot easier. He loves to graze and we are excited to grow special treats in our garden for them this summer. He's isn't very big so it makes handling him very easy. We all love him very much and are happy with him in our home. Thank you Easy Ears Rabbitry for trusting him to us and answering all my questions when I had them.

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    Nicole Hall (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 22:41)

    We adopted Princess just have Christmas. My 9 yr old Son loves her so much. He wakes up feeds her and loves on her. Tells her goodbye before he heads off for school. She patiently stands for him to give her pets before he heads off to school. She is so sweet and loving and enjoys being held. My Son has kept her name but added a twist to it . Her full name is Princess Dash. Thank you again Kara for letting our family adopt such a sweet, loving bunny:)

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    Rory Schopp (Thursday, 18 June 2015 16:27)

    My wife and I adopted a little dutch bunny from Easy Ears Rabbitry and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. Due to my asthma and allergies I had never had a little furry animal to love before, but now I have my little bunny, Julian. We love him so much and he has made our lives much fuller and more interesting at times. If you are thinking of getting a pet bunny Kara and her family's rabbitry are a fantastic way to go about it.

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    Abigail Flores (Tuesday, 05 May 2015 22:52)

    I adoped a little rabbit from Easy Ears Rabbitry on April 27th, 2015. She is a girl, and her name is Pumpkin :p I was very surprised at how tame she was when i got her, and her friendliness is increasing even more each day. She was easy to litter train, and i find that a big plus!
    She absolutely loves her hutch, and runs up and down the ramp multiple times a day. She always eats her food, and likes lettuce and veggies as well. She also is the perfect snuggle bunny!!
    Pumpkin was very well bred, and seems to have no "defects". If you want an adorable, friendly, small sized rabbit, i really recommend buying from Easy Ears!!

The pictures below are of Pumpkin in her new home! (Thank you for sending these beautiful pictures Abigail!)

The pictures below are of Julian in his new home! (Thank you Rory for sending these wonderful pictures of Julian!!)

The pictures below are of Copper in his new home! (Thank you for sending these cute pictures Christina!)

The pictures below are of Peaches and Bear in their new home! (Thank you for sending these lovely pictures Nikki!)

The pictures below are of Jasper in his new home! (Thank you for sending these amazing pictures Kristen!)