Other Rabbit sites

Helpful rabbit sites that offer great info!


Big Time Bunnies (BTB)



Lilly Fields has very helpful information on rabbits! She has raised Flemish Giants for many years!

She was a great resource to me when I first started breeding rabbits. I owe a lot to her, and hope you will find her amazing website as helpful as I did!


Nature Trail



Nature Trail's website has been extremely helpful to me in my rabbit breeding expedition!

I hope you find it as helpful and informative as I did! Enjoy!


Rabbit Breeders.us



Rabbit Breeders.us is a great Rabbit Breeders Directory that includes a listing of hundreds of rabbit breeders across the USA, as well as great information!





RabbitTalk is a wonderful forum with live users to answer your questions. It is a great and friendly community full of wonderful people that just love rabbits. Search past conversations to gain great knowledge, answers peoples latest questions or ask a question of your own in this fun "family like" community of rabbit lovers. :D

Rise and Shine Rabbitry



Rise and Shine Rabbitry is an extremely helpful website that has great info on medicinal herbs for rabbits to helpful tips on keeping your rabbits safe and healthy in winter weather. Hope you find this site as informative as I did! ;)


Other Breeders:


Bunny Trek Rabbitry


Bunny Trek Rabbitry, is located near Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

They sell beautiful show quality Holland Lops, in many colors, and have been a rabbitry since 2010! I proudly put their website on mine!


Holland Lop Hollow


Located near Salem, Oregon Holland Lop Hollow raises sweet Holland lops for the glory of the Lord! The blessings they have had with rabbits, they credit to God, who has gotten them this far. I HIGHLY recommend supporting Holland Lop Hollow, and buying one of their high quality bunnies!


Rebecca's Rabbitry



Rebecca sells many different breeds of rabbits, and has an amazing Rabbit Breeders directory!

(If you click on the link above, it will take you to her Rabbit Breeders Directory, and if you want to see her rabbits, just click the home button on the top left panel.)