Bunny Boarding


Going on a vacation, but don't want to leave your rabbit behind all alone? Leave it to me! I have owned rabbits since the spring of 2014 and would be honored to care for your rabbit(s) while you are away.

Here are some things you should know if you're interested in boarding your bunny with me:


Rabbits must be brought to my rabbitry for care unless otherwise discussed.


Some appreciated things to bring would be the rabbit's water bottle, food tray or toys. I encourage cages or hutches to be brought. Pellets from home would also be a good idea. I can provide food, hay, water, and a cage/hutch if needed, but I'm sure whatever you bring from home would be a comfort to your rabbit.


If you decide to use Bunny Boarding you will need provide the following information:

   -The drop off and pick up date

   -A phone number, or way of contact in case of emergency


Price is negotiable and depends on the situation.


I will NOT take in a sick rabbit under the concern of the other rabbits in my care becoming infected.


To inquire about Bunny Boarding please email me at: easyearsrabbitry@gmail.com

Or fill out the form below.

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